Who We Are

Welcome to the Cut a cozy corner of South Carolina where tradition meets innovation. As a veteran family-owned farm, we bring you a range of premium hemp products, each lovingly crafted to enrich your life. Our collection, of premium flower is born from the rich Southern soil and a deep understanding of nature’s gifts.


Our Story

Pedro Fischetti: A Journey from USCG to Organic Farming

A proud veteran of the United States Coast Guard (USCG), Pedro Fischetti has served his country with honor. Transitioning from active duty was a challenging phase, especially when it came to managing chronic pain and finding relaxation amidst the limitations of prescribed medications.

Mission and Approach:
In the spirit of continuing Coast Guard traditions of diligence and commitment, Pedro embarked on a journey of organic farming. He meticulously cultivates each seed using locally sourced, organic nutrients. His goal is simple yet profound: to provide what many struggle to find – a natural, safe, and effective relief. Pedro believes in not just offering relief but also in educating others about the safe use of organic products.

What sets InDaCut Hemp apart is our unwavering commitment to quality. From seed to shelf, we prioritize transparency, sustainability, and excellence. Our hemp is grown here in Camden, South Carolina with all the love and care ensuring that every product maintains the highest standards of purity and potency.

Sydney Fischetti: Merging Nursing with Holistic Health

Professional Expertise:
Sydney Fischetti, a licensed Registered Nurse with a specialty in Neuroscience, brings a unique perspective to the table. Her experience in the medical field is complemented by her deep interest in holistic health and wellness.

Educational Pursuits and Goals:
Currently, Sydney is advancing her knowledge and skills, working towards certifications recognized by the American Cannabis Nurses Association (ACNA). Her aspiration is to bridge the gap between traditional medical practices and the holistic benefits of Cannabis. Sydney is passionate about educating individuals on the therapeutic advantages of Cannabis and guiding them through informed choices.

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